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Sulzberg Sports Media & Fine Art, LLC (“SSMFA”) provides publishing, distribution and marketing for a broad range of Professional sports themed art of National and International Athletes by Bruce Sulzberg. Bruce’s 3-Dimensional Art is especially effective in dramatically presenting sports in action. The sense of motion, although frozen in time, is like witnessing it in person and seeing an athlete in the prime of their career. Mr. Sulzberg’s artistic abilities and process came from the idea of his concept of viewing a painting in layers as opposed to one flat image which gave the work life, motion and depth that cannot be captured on canvas or paper.

Bruce states, “The style of how I paint came with wanting to create a style that no one had done before and it took some tinkering and learning, and through many years I was able to perfect the style. It was very difficult because the paint does not adhere to the acrylic well at all. It’s extremely translucent. I have to put many coats on, so it looks like a solid color. After a few layers of paint, I blend and feather each color together to give it a smooth and seamless look. The final part is called stippling, which is where I paint dot by dot to complete the realism of the image. All of this is done with a paintbrush the size of a pinhead.”

Bruce Sulzberg has perfected a "most unique" form in art that is dramatically effective for the presentation of sports themed art. His technique creates a life-like 3-dimensional effect by using acrylic paints on layers of acrylic glass. Like no other, his art preserves great moments in real sports moments - a venue ideally suited to drama created by his unique multi-layered paintings, which gives these subjects life, motion, and depth that can never be achieved in any 2-dimensional media. Each original takes months to create, as the detail is painstakingly realistic.