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Feeling Clean and Civilized Matters.

To Everyone.

How can something so small make such a BIG difference?

When you think about it, as diners, we all have a surprisingly under-recognized struggle when it comes to where to place our utensils over the course of every meal:

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● Should I prop it on my plate?

● Should I set it down and soil a beautiful tablecloth?

● If no tablecloth, how clean is the table surface anyway?

This clumsy dance of silverware stashing is arguably the most un-curated and potentially unsanitary element in the world of dining. We've come so far in our foodie culture of today, and this lack of excellence in customer experience and food safety is simply unacceptable.

Addressing these issues with one sophisticated solution is exactly what we are inspired to do at Dining Elevated.

With a single addition to today's modern table setting, the overall dining experience can be completely transformed.